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WHISTLER GT-438XI Radar Detector


WHISTLER GT-438XI Radar Detector

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About WHISTLER GT-438XI Radar Detector

The new Whistler GT-438Xi International radar detector delivers brand new features and provides huge Ka-band sensitivities across Europe. Its accurate frequency scanning offers quick reaction times against mobile speed cameras and any laser trap.

In addition to the narrowband sampling the GT-438Xi provides an innovative X, KA-and K-band signal filtering. This unique feature eliminates false positives kept to a minimum without any common sensitivity losses.

The Whistler GT-438Xi also enables efficient laser detection with 360° protection. The ground-breaking innovation of GT438iX is the unique segmentation of the laser pulse rate. In this case the laser scanning is performed within six separated time frames for the best possible long-distance warning against laser. Whistler's exclusive Laser Signature ID informs about the detected laser pulse rate (PPS). Every laser measurement as TraffiPatrol XR, LSID, Riegl, Jenoptik, Laveg, TrueSpeed are detected early with eliminating false positives simultaneously.

The compact Whistlers GT-438iX International offers unrivalled features and convinces entirely the price range of the high-end radar detectors. In situations, when simultaneously several radar frequencies where detected, the innovative Alert Priority filters out all frequency sources and signals, except the potentially most dangerous radar bands. The sensitivities of the GT-438iX International can be individually adapted between highway and three City modes. All frequencies can also be enabled or deactivated via firmware.

The colour OLED display is rich in contrast and offers a 9-step numerical signal strength meter with information about the discovered bands. Brightness of the display can be configured individually. A Dim/Dark Mode provides discrete night driving. The Auto Quiet feature suppressing the audible warnings automatically, while the display ads will still remain active. Additionally, there are two ultra-bright flashing LEDs for optical indication of alerts. Any VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD) is able to locate the Whistler GT 438Xi. Stealth Mode is 100% guaranteed!

High-End EU radar detector from Whistler with innovative laser sensitivity and huge Ka-Band sensitivities featured at a glance of low price.


  • FDSR (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) combats false alerts caused by collision avoidance and blind spot detection systems in newer vehicles.
  • TFSR (Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection) helps eliminate alerts from radar-based traffic flow sensors.
  • DETECTS EUROPEAN LASER GUNS Trafficpatrol XR, Reigl, Jenoptik, Laveg, Truspeed and more
  • RED OLED TEXT DISPLAY provides better contrast, brightness, and colour. Shows alerts detected, engaged modes and digital signal strength in text format (i.e., HIGHWAY or Ka9).
  • Ka NARROW MODE looks only for the following Ka Frequencies: 34.0 GHz and 34.3 GHz
  • SELECTABLE LASER MODES allow selection of multiple pulse rate segments including TRAFFIPATROL XR, LISD, and laser guns with STEALTH MODES
  • X/K FILTER MODES offer multiple levels of signal processing to reduce false alerts caused by some radar detectors.
  • Ka FILTER MODES offer multiple levels of signal processing to reduce false alerts caused by some radar detectors.
  • WHISTLER EXCLUSIVE LASER SIGNATURE ID (LSID) Laser Identifier indicates the Pulses Per Second (PPS) transmitted by Speed Laser or other forms of laser sources.
  • POP™ MODE DETECTION advanced speed detection capability responds to brief bursts of radar.
  • ALERT PERISCOPES LEDs on top of the unit provide additional visual alert.
  • SELECTABLE TONE ALERTS allow choice of tones providing distinct audible alerts for bands received.
  • 360° MAXX COVERAGE detects from front, sides, and rear.
  • 3 CITY MODES (City, City 1, City 2) reduce the annoyance of false alerts.
  • HIGH GAIN LENS provides increased field of view which means better range.
  • STAY ALERT™ Whistler’s exclusive feature that tests your alertness on long trips.
  • DIM / DARK MODES reduce the illumination of the display. When in dark mode, the display is turned off during an alert then remains off for 20 more seconds before returning to its dimmer setting.
  • QUIET / AUTO QUIET MODES silence audio alerts
  • ALERT PRIORITY displays most important signal when more than one is detected.
  • SETTING SAVER saves personalized settings when unit is turned off.
  • SELECTABLE VEHICLE BATTERY SAVER allows you to customize the automatic shutdown feature.
  • VG-2 DETECTION when feature is engaged the unit will alert to VG-2 when detected.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 7.5cm x 3cm
  • Laser Wavelength: 800-1000 Nanometres (nm)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 C to +70 C (+14 F to +158 F)
  • Power Requirements: Operational 12 to 15 volts DC, 250mA nominal (2-amp fuse) Vehicle Battery Saver, 30mA nominal.
  • Radar Frequencies: 10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X Band). 24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K Band). 33.400 - 36.000 GHz (Ka Super wideband). 34.000 and 34.300 GHz (Ka Narrow).

Included in box:

  • Whistler GT-438Xi International
  • 12V power Supply cable
  • Quick Release Windshield Bracket
  • Owner's Manual (only GB)

**** IMPORTANT NOTE **** Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Whistler radar detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.


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