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MFJ-805 - RFI Detector Meter


MFJ-805 - RFI Detector Meter

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About MFJ-805 - RFI Detector Meter

Use this ultra-sensitive pocket-sized RFI Detector to track down and eliminates RFI caused by radiating cables and wires. itll tell you exactly which cable is radiating RFI so you can eliminate it with a simple toroid or clamp-on RFI filter. Use it to find RFI generated by consumer devices, computers and high-tech office equipment.

When you eliminate the RFI source, hash, birdies, whistles and transient noise miraculously disappear from your communications receiver.

MFJ-805 also works with mobile installations. Ferreting out alternator has, ignition pulses and microprocessor noise on feedlines and power leads. Your MFJ Detector isolates cables picking up RFI and indicates when youve suppressed the problem.

With a signal generator you can profile the radiating current distribution of antennas, radials, feedlines, ground systems and control lines. Easy-to-use. Simply clamp current transformer over suspected cable or wire to detect RFI causing common-mode currents. Super compact 2.25Wx4.75Hx1D inches fits in your shirt pocket. Use 9 Volt battery. Usable from VLF to VHF. Gain adjustable over 50dB range.


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