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INNOV 33V Vertical 5 Band Vertical


INNOV 33V Vertical 5 Band Vertical

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About INNOV 33V Vertical 5 Band Vertical

33v Vertical 5 band 33

The 33V uses its whole length as a radiator on every band. While it operates only as a 2-band antenna if direct fed (21MHz and 7MHz) An auto ATU placed at the base of the antenna ensures that the antenna remains the only antenna in your system and not the coax too

While ground plane wires are best installed, the visual impact of this antenna is much less that say a horizontal wire what would need to be elevated and have at least 2 supports. Additionally, angle of radiation remains low.

The VertiGo 33V will provide exceptional performance on 40m/30m/20m/17m and 15m.

Base Tube is 50mm diameter and tapers to 13mm diameter at the top of the antenna

60m - The antenna will still perform well on 60m although not being a full 1/4wl, a lot of would-be radiated current will remain in the ATU

12m, 10m and 6m - At the length this antenna is, radiated angle on these bands starts to increase so although the antenna will work, the results will be provide more local results rather and serious DX ones

The VertiGo 33V is in its own class for making DX on the lower bands from very compact garden lots.

The standard mounting is arranged to suit MFJ tuners but this can be adapted to suit any tuner layout

A 33' vertical is one of the best size compromises you can use for the lower HF frequencies and while a vertical of this size will work on 12m and 10m, the antenna is a little long for these bands meaning the angle of radiation is not quite as low as on the lower HF bands.


  • Angle of Radiation: 40m = 26 degrees, 30m = 24 degrees, 20m = 20 degrees, 17m = 16 degrees, 15m = 48 degrees
  • Maximum Power handling: 8KW
  • longest Section Length: 10m (33')
  • Weight: 6.02Kg
  • Wind Loading: 0.1 Square Metres
  • Wind Survival: 100MPH


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