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Yaesu FT1000MP Used Model SHR12021

Classic 100w HF base transceiver





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Classic FT1000MP USED MODEL SHR12021

Just arrived !

Power lead, hand microphone,operating manual all present and correct, and the transceiver will have our 6 month warranty too.

Fitted with 4 x optional filters (Collins XF115S-455 + XF110SN + XF110CN + XF115C sub receiver filter.).

  • 100watts adjustable output power
  • Built in automatic antenna tuner
  • Multi-function fluorescent discharge display
  • Built-in mains power supply
  • 2 VFO's
  • EDSP noise reduction system
  • CAT system for PC control
  • Receiver range - 100kHz-30MHz
  • TX range - 160-10m amateur bands
  • Modes - AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW/FSK

  • Please note : Our B grade/clearance/used equipment is posted to UK only

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