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Palstar R30CC Used Model Ref 11729

Shortwave receiver w/ Collins filters



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R30CC Used Model Ref 11729

Just in.....Shortwave receiver in excellent condtion with Collins  filters, original box/packing, user manual, DC power lead, and will have our 6 month warranty.

Fitted with 5.8 kHz AM + 2.5 kHz SSB Collins Mechanical  filters  

The Palstar R30CC  is an innovative shortwave communications receiver made right here in Ohio, USA. Coverage is from 100 kHz to 30 MHz in AM, LSB, USB and CW modes. The six digit backlit LCD display shows frequency to the 100 Hz. The tuning rate is 20 to 100 Hz or 100 to 500 Hz step in fast. Both rates per step are speed variable. The 100 memories may be selected with the front panel tuning knob or Up/Down MHz buttons. The two bandwidths may be selected independent of mode.

  • 100 kHz - 29.9999 MHz AM, USB/LSB
  • 1 MHz Up/Down
  • RF derived AGC, Fast/Slow
  • Bandwidth, 6 kHz and 2.5 kHz
  • Analog S-Meter
  • 100 channel memory
  • 6 Auto switchable input filters
  • 20 Hz, 500 Hz tuning steps, synthesized
  • 45 MHz 1st IF, 455 kHz 2nd IF
  • Quality IF Filters
  • 6-digit LCD display
  • 5 Watt low distortion audio amp
  • +18 dBm 3rd order intercept
  • Miniature size

Other features include:  Analogue S-Meter, 10 dB RF Attenuator, AGC Fast/Slow, snap-down metal tilt bar, tuning lock, internal speaker, mute line, backlight on-off, RCA line output, 1/4 inch RCA speaker output and 1/4 inch headphone jack. The rear panel has a 50 ohm SO-239 antenna input jack plus provisions for a Hi Z long wire antenna.

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