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MFJ 1788X B Grade Model

7 - 21 MHz 3ft dia. Loop Antenna



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Save money with this 1788X B Grade Model, full as new warranty.


7 - 21 MHz 3ft dia. Loop Antenna

This 36 inch diameter loop antenna lets you operate 15 through 40 Meters continuously -- including the WARC bands!

Ideal for limited space -- apartments, flats, small gardens, motor homes, attics, or mobile homes.

Enjoy both DX and local contacts mounted vertically, 
Handles 150 Watts.

MFJs remote control has an easy to use Auto Band Selection. It auto-tunes to desired band, then beeps to let you know. No control cable is needed.

Fast/Slow tune buttons and built-in two range Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter lets you quickly tune to your exact frequency.

All welded construction, no mechanical joints, welded butterfly capacitor with no rotating contacts, large 1.050 inch diameter round radiator gives you highest possible efficiency.

Each plate in MFJs tuning capacitor is welded for low loss and polished to prevent high voltage arcing, has nylon bearing, anti-backlash mechanism, limit switches, continuous no-step DC motor -- gives smooth precision tuning.  

The heavy duty thick ABS plastic housing has ultraviolet inhibitor protection.

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