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Icom IC-736 Used Model Ref 11733

100w HF/6m all mode transceiver





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IC-736 Used Model Ref 11733

Just in !  Excellent example of this popular HF/6m base transceiver, original box, handbook, microphone, power lead, built-in AC power supply, and fitted with the optional FL-100 500 Hz narrow CW filter.

The Icom IC-736 lets you operate HF in style and expand your horizons to 6 meters as well. It also covers 30, 17 and 12 meters.

This all band transceiver features a 500 kHz to 30 MHz general coverage receiver. The 736 has a built-in HF and 6 meter antenna tuner. Enjoy 5 to 100 watts full duty RF power input in SSB/CW/FM (40W AM) modes, even on 6 meters.

 For CW operators full and semi break-in is supported. (500Hz narrow filter is fitted )

The double band stacking register stores 2 frequencies along with modes in each band so it can be used like 2 VFO's in one band. Ten electronic 'memo pads' are available for DX hunting or contests.

Other enhancements include: PBT, Notch, RIT, XIT and 1 Hz tuning resolution. The rear panel has two antenna inputs. Operations is from 240VAC.

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