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Icom IC-7200 Used Model Ref 11986

HF+50MHz Base Station





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IC-7200 Used Model Ref 11986

Just in - Always popular, the IC-7200 is a great HF/6m transceiver, this one is in excellent condition with original box, DC power lead, and HM-36 hand microphone. Our 6 month warranty on this one too !

HF+50MHz Base Station

The IC-7200 HF/50MHz transceiver maintains all the traditions of high quality engineering that you expect from Icom. Rugged in design and easy to operate, the IC-7200 utilises the latest digital functions including digital IF filter, twin PBT and manual notch filter which are normally associated with more expensive models. The IC-7200 is ideal for field operation or at home in your shack and is designed to be one of the most practical rigs available.


The IC-7200 utlises the latest IF DSP technology including digital IF filter, digital twin PBT and manual notch filter. 

AGC loop management

Distortion and blocking from strong nearby signals are prevented by placing DSP functions inside the AGC loop. The AGC time constants are selectable from fast, slow and off for each operating mode. 

Digital IF filter 

The built-in digital filter allows you to flexibly select the filter width and shape from soft and sharp* and provides cutting edge filter characteristics. The twin peak filter for RTTY mode improves the frequency response and provides better readability in RTTY mode. * Filter shape is selectable for SSB and CW modes only. 

Digital Twin PBT 

Tailor your IF passband with the Twin PBT by electronically shifting the upper and lower edges of the IF filter. Depending on the use of the concentric knobs, you can either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate interfering signals. 

Manual notch filter 

The manual notch filter delivers more than 70dB of attenuation. Strong interfering tones will be eliminated without adversely affecting the AGC loop performance. On the bottom right of the front panel, a dedicated control knob adjusts the notch filter frequency. 

Digital noise reduction 

The digital noise reduction reduces background noise and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. The noise reduction level is adjustable in 16 steps which improves the readability of voice and data signals. 

Digital noise blanker 

The noise blanker reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition and sparking. The NB level and width (blanking duration) are adjustable in 101 steps. 

High frequency stability 

The IC-7200 has the built-in high stability crystal unit. It provides a very high frequency stability of ±0.5 ppm suitable for RTTY operation. 

USB port for PC control 

The IC-7200 can be controlled by a PC through a USB port using the CI-V data format. In addition, modulator and received audio can also be transferred over the USB cable. By using appropriate external software, you can record incoming calls and/or transmit preprogrammed messages from your PC. 

RF Speech compressor 

The digital RF speech compressor increases your average talk power in SSB mode. Even when the compression level is increased, the DSP controlled RF speech compressor provides low distortion audio. 

CW mode operation

 Full break-in, selectable CW carrier point (USB or LSB) and adjustable CW pitch are standard. 

High stability transmitter 

The DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) improves the C/N ratio and creates a noiseless, clean transmit signal. 

100W output power 

Using proven RD100HHF1 MOS FETs in a push-pull PA circuit and with a dual-fan cooling system, the IC-7200 provides a stable 100W output even during high duty cycle operation.

Tough construction against water intrusion 

The buttons and knobs on the front panel have water resistant protection, providing a measure of protection against water intrusion. * IC-7200 is NOT waterproof.

Rugged design for outdoor use 

The IC-7200 has a rugged build, which means that the enjoyment of this rig is not limited to your shack.

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