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Icom IC-7000 Used Model Ref 11963

All band, all mode mobile/base transceiver





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IC-7000 Used Model Ref 11963

Used IC7000 in excellent condition, always very popular, gives you great all mode coverage from 1.8-450MHz..
Boxed and with our 6 month warranty too..

    Icom IC-7000 Used Model
  •     All band transceiver
  •     1.8 - 450 Mhz  in AM/FM/CW/LSB/USB/RTTY modes
  •     WFM receive for broadcast bands
  •     Memory channel - 503 (495 regular, 6 scan edges, and 2 call)
  •     Digital IF filters - superb fully adjustable filtering, no "optional" filters required.
  •     AGC loop performance  controlled by DSP with fully adjustable time constants.
  •     IF DSP  - first in its class, twin DSP chips with manual notch, twin PBT etc.
  •     Digital multi function voice recorder built in
  •     RTTY de-modulator built in
  •     HM151 Multi function 10-keypad hand microphone included
  •     2.5" Colour TFT display panel with superb razor sharp resolution
  •     Video output jack on rear panel
  •     SSB transmit bandwidth adjustment feature
  •     2 band scope feature
  •     Multi function meter/SWR graphic display
  •     Quick release front panel ( Optional  RMK separation cables required to operate)
  •     RF speech compressor controlled by DSP
  •     Tone squelch feature  CTCSS tones built in
  •     Antenna connectors, 2 x SO239 (HF/50Mhz), (144/433Mhz)
  •     Power supply requirements 13.8 volts DC
  •     Transmit power (HF/50Mhz) 2-100 watts variable
  •     Transmit power (144Mhz) 2-50 watts variable
  •     Transmit power (433Mhz) 2-35 watts variable
  •     Microphone connector  Modular 8-pin
  •     Size 167 x 58 x180mm WHD
  •     Weight 2.3kg

    Please note : Our B grade/clearance/used equipment is posted to UK only

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