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Icom F6012

UHF Base/Mobile PMR Radio



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UHF Base/Mobile PMR Radio

UHF Commercial Mobile 

The IC-F6012 has many attractive features with an uncomplicated LED display that makes it ideally suited to small to mid sized radio systems such as taxi operators, construction companies, security firms and farmers.

Multi 5-tone function built-in
The IC-F6012 has built-in 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signaling capabilities for group communication. The IC-F6012 can decode up eight 5-tone codes on a channel. The following actions are programmable to respond to each tone. 

  • Beep sound
  • LED lighting
  • Answer back call
  • Auto TX
  • Stun, kill revive
  • Scanning
  • External output* 

* External device connection such as a horn honk, buzzer, etc. is required.

4W (typical) front mounted loud speaker
The IC-F6012 has a 4W front mounted speaker providing the operator with clear audio during operation.

Easy to use
The IC-F6012 has 4 programmable buttons. 8 memory channels can be easily selected with the programmable buttons. Backlit buttons make night time operation simple.

Enhanced Scan features

  • Priority scan allows you to monitor one or two priority channels while scanning other non-priority channels. 
  • The Tx channel and talk back functions allow you to make a quick response while scanning. 
  • Nuisance delete ... User can temporary skip a busy channel from the scanning list. 
  • Monitor key action ... User can stop a scan when pushing the monitor button.

External memory channel control with optional ACC cable
The optional ACC cable allows you to connect various external devices like a PC, external speaker, or even vehicle horn. It can provide ignition sense function, external memory channel control as well as the external PTT, audio output and modulated signal input. The OPC-1939 is a D-SUB 15-pin type and the OPC-2078 is a D-SUB 25-pin type.

Other features

  • BIIS PTT ID transmission
  • ±2.5ppm frequency stability
  • DTMF autodial memories.

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