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Midland MHS-300

Closed Faced Motorcycle Headset





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Product Codes  A419.30/40
Headset/PTT set

The MHS 300 is a closed faced Motorcycle Helmet headset to be used in conjunction with Midland, Alan and Albrecht Two Way Radios.

The MHS 300 is compatible with all our radios apart from the Midland 777 which is a single pin connection method.

The unit itself comes in 2 parts,  the top part is the speaker/headset system, this connects to the PTT (push to talk system) which can be handle bar mounting.

Please note when using the MHS 300 this unit is suitable as a PTT system only and not for VOX (voice activation) this is down to the fact the MHS 300 does not have ANC (active noise cancelling)
and is a bare bones easy to use PTT system to enable Bike to Bike communication.

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