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Icom IC-R6E

1300 channel wideband handheld scanner



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Handheld communications receiver.

While retaining basic features of its popular predecessor the IC-R5, the IC-R6 contains many improvements including 100 channel per second scanning speed, 1300 memory channels, 15 hours of continuous receive capability, optional drop-in charger stand and voice control squelch.

All these new features combined with a high degree of usability means that the IC-R6 will be equally at home with any casual listener of broadcast stations or the serious scanning enthusiast seeking a pocket sized quality receiver.

  • Wideband coverage of 0.100 to 1309.995MHz
  • AM, FM, WFM modes available
  • 100 channels per second high speed scan
  • 15 hours of continuous receive capability with supplied rechargeable cells
  • 1300 memory channels available
  • 150mW audio output power
  • Optional BC-194 drop-in charger
  • VSC (voice squelch control) function
  • Earphone cord antenna for AM aviation as well as FM broadcasts
  • CI-V control capability with optional CT-17
  • 0.100 - 1309.995MHz* wideband receiver
  • With a wide frequency range of 0.100-1309.995MHz in AM, FM, and WFM modes Amateur stations, AM, FM, short wave broadcasts, TV audio* and a variety of utility communications can be listened to.
  • * Depending on version. Analogue TV audio only. Cannot decode digital TV audio.


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