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AOR AR-8200 MK3

All mode wideband handheld scanning receiver



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AR-8200 MK3

Never before has one handheld offered so much, the AOR 8200 MK III is one of our all time favourites in the high end scanner market.

The AR8200 MKIII has many new & exciting options which are easy to fit using a revolutionary new slot card system.

Simply open the cover on the bottom of the unit and slot in your choice of option, and an ultra wide bandwidth of 530khz-3000Mhz in all modes, covers all the main listening bands.
  • Frequency coverage  530kHz-3000MHz
  • Reception modes AM, Narrow AM, USB, LSB, CW, Auto, WFM, NFM, SFM
  • Steps from 50Hz upward inc. 8.33kHz
  • TCX0 high stability oscillator
  • Improved receiver
  • Higher capacity re-chargeable batteries included
  • 45MHz IF for improved SW reception,
  • 1000 memories, 20 memory banks, 40 search banks
  • Memories can be varied in size between 10 & 90 channels each
  • Large LCD with contrast control, higher resolution signal meter and
    multi-function bandscope with adjustable width and save trace functions
  • New black cabinet
  • Detachable plug in medium wave bar antenna
  • Telescopic whip antenna supplied
  • Preselected Front End
  • New four way arrow key for navigation through on-screen menus, side mounted
    rotary tuner in addition to tuning from arrow keys and keypad
  • Computer control - side mounted robust connector for optional lead, Windows
    software package under development for download from our web
  • Supplied with re-chargeable batteries, charger, cigar lead, telescopic antenna,
      MW bar aerial, belt clip & carry strap

    Optional Accessories 
    CO8200 Data clone lead
    CR8200 Tape lead
    CT8200 CTCSS card
    EM8200 Memory slot card
    OS8200 Auxiliary connector
    RT8200 Reaction tune lead
    RU8200 Record/playback card 
    SC8200 Soft case
    TE8200 Tone Eliminator
    VI8200 Voice inverter card

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