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Comet SMA-3

Amateur Radio 144/430/900MHz Whip Antenna SMA Fitting





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Comet SMA 3   Super Slender Rubber Whip Antenna  SMA Fitting

Another new edition, the SMA-3 is suitable for a wide range of modern handhelds. Neat and slim, the antenna covers the 144/433/900Mhz. bands, and will replace the standard "rubber duck" antenna. Will provide useful gain figures of 1.2/1.7/3.4dBi per band, and will handle up to 10 Watts of transmit power. The antenna has a SMA Style fitting and weighs in at 30g. Length is a compact 0.25m. Finished in a stylish black satin look.

  • SMA 3 Super slender tri band rubber whip antenna covers 2m/70cms/23cms
  • Length : 0.25m
  • Weight : 30g
  • Power : 10 watts
  • Receive Range: 140 to 1,000 MHz
  • Gain : 1.2/1.7/3.4dBi ( 144/433/900Mhz)
  • Base connector : SMA Type

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