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MFJ 1022

Active Receiver Antenna 300KHz - 200 MHz





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MFJ 1022

Your amateur band only antenna does a good job on those frequencies.  However, when you plug this MFJ all band active antenna into your radio and hear strong clear signals from all over the world from 300 kHz to 200 MHz -- including long wave, medium wave, shortwave and VHF bands.

You will enjoy up-to-the-minute international shortwave newscast, ship-to-shore, airline, commercial RTTY and much more.

It also improves weak noisy scanner radio reception - hear signals you could not hear before.

A J-310 FET handles strong signals and noiseless feedback circuit gives you excellent low noise reception. 4.5 GHZ MRF-901 transistor lets you receive really weak signals well into VHF.

Has on/off switch, power on LED, SO-239 Coax connector and detachable 20 inch telescoping antenna. Uses 9 Volt battery or 230 VAC with MFJ-1312DX.

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