Yaesu G-450CDC

Antenna Rotator & Control Box – Top Seller!

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The Yaesu G-450CDC rotator is perfect for small tribanders, or for VHF and UHF antennas. Its total rotation range is 360 degrees. Ideal for Lightweight Arrays The G-450CDC is ideal for turning a VHF system, or a lightweight HF tribander.

See under our "accessories for this product" - the Hy-Gain YRC-1X and YRC-3X Digital controllers for Yaesu, packed with features for remote operation. Other displays include dial-in GOTO beam heading, rotor heading, error messages, compass and more

Yaesu G-450CDC

  •  G-450CDC Rotator and Control Box
  • Recommended Application - Light to Medium Duty.
  • Perfect entry-level rotator
  • Wind Load  - 1m²
  • K-Factor (Turning Radius x Weight of Ae) - 100
  • Stationary Torque - 3,000kg/cm
  • Rotation Torque - 600kg/cm
  • Max Vertical Load - 100kg
  • Max Vertical Intermittend Load - 300kg
  • Backlash   - 0.5º
  • Mast Size - 32 - 63mm
  • 360º Rotation Time - 63sec @ 50Hz
  • 180º Elevation Time - N/A
  • Boom Diameter - N/A
  • Rotator Diameter x Height  - 170 x 263
  • Weight - 3.2kg
  • Stub Mast Mounting clamps and plug kit included
  • Cable Requirement (# cores/wires) 5 or Yaesu WP-25M/40M optional cable sets

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