Yaesu FT2000D (Used Model)

High performance 200w HF+6m transceiver

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FT2000D (sn. 7E190476) Used Model

Yaesu HF + 6m All Mode 200W Transceiver. Used model, in excellent condition with box, psu, mic, manual, power lead. Comes with our 6 month warranty.

The FT-2000D is the 200W version of the FT-2000, it also comes with a separate PSU, the FP-2000 .

The FT-2000D is a 2nd generation in the proud lineage of the FTDX9000 series. Featuring extensive DSP based filtering, 200W of RF power output on SSB, CW & FM and 50W AM and a host of outstanding ergonomic and performance features, the FT2000D is designed to occupy the centre ground of your HF and 6M station.

Extensive Receiver DSP Filtering The power of IF DSP filtering is yours to enjoy with the FT2000. Variable IF width and IF Shift allow precise interference rejection, and the receiver DSP also includes Auto Notch, Manual Notch, Digital Noise Rejection and a continuously variable passband contour control.

The Width control has a mode determined adjustment range from 200Hz to 4KHz for SSB, 25Hz to 2.4KHz on CW and a mode optimized 'Narrow' key provides one touch narrowing of the bandwidth to a user determined preset value.

3 Band Parametric Microphone Equaliser The Power of DSP also provides tremendeous benefits not only to the Received signal but also to the Transmitted signal. The three-Band parametric equalizer, allows unmatched capability to tailor your speech characteristics in each of the three seperate bands. Each band centre frequency and equalisation can be adjusted along with the bandwith of the band and the ampliture of the peaking or nulling of signals within the passband. The result is sparking clear audio that is the envy of anyone listening to the FT-2000.

Outstanding Strong Signal Handling capabilities Following in the renowned path of the FTDX9000, the FT-2000 is crafted with a comprehensive design view that accounts for all aspects of the strong signal environment, and especially with optimization of weak-signal in a multiple-strong-signal environment. The receiver of the FT-2000 is a triple-conversion type, utilizing great care in the gain distribution through all IF stages. The first mixer is a GaAs FET Doubly-Balanced Mixer type, fed by a four-VCO PLL synthesizer (30 kHz – 10.5 MHz, 10.5 MHz – 24 MHz, 24 MHz – 39 MHz, and 39 MHz – 56 MHz). The resulting first IF is at 69.450 MHz, utilizing an up-conversion technique that yields excellent image rejection.

Huge Precision Main Tuning Dual! The front panel’s oversized 2.67” (68 mm) Main Tuning Knob is crafted using a brass JISC3604R alloy, for easy flywheel-effect frequency excursions or precision tuning of weak digital signals. The torque of the tuning knob shaft may be adjusted for just the amount of drag you prefer, and all it will take is one spin of the dial for you to know that you are in command of a serious radio!

A Host of Features for the CW Enthusiast! The front and rear panels have their own key jacks, which may be set up independently for connection of a keyer paddle (for use with the internal keyer), a straight key or bug, or a computer-driven keying interface for use with contest logging software, etc. With the FT-2000, you can use both your ears and your eyes to zero in on another CW station. The CW SPOT switch engages a spotting tone that matches the offset of your transmitted signal (as set by the CW Pitch selection), allowing you to match that pitch to that of an incoming signal perfectly. And the CW Tuning Indicator provides a graphical depiction of the tuning process, with a ? marker lighting up when the incoming signal is precisely aligned with yours.

Built-in 100-Memory Automatic Antenna Tuner The 100 memories of matching-point data allow you to tune around the bands without the need to re-tune as you go. The special antenna tuner memories ensure efficient operation, as well as lightning-fast matching atoperating frequencies, as needed. The Automatic Antenna Tuner has a matching range of 16.7 to 150 Ohms (50 MHz: 25 - 100 Ohms).

  •  1.8 -60MHz (160m-6m ham Bands) Tx
  • RF output power 10-200 W, 10-75W (Class-A, SSB), (AM: 5-50W) FT-2000D 30kHz- 60MHz Gen Coverage
  • Dual Receive - two independent receivers Main & Sub
  • Selectable Roofing filters (15/6/3kHz)
  •  32-bit IF DSP with contour tuning
  •  Variable IF bandwidth & IF shift
  •  Dual receive (within same operating band)
  • IF-DSP interference rejection filters (Main VFO-A)
  • RF Tuning with Variable RF Filter with filter banks
  • External High-Q Tuning (optional µ-Tune Units 160m, 80/40m and/or 30/20m required)
  • Direct frequency entry & one-touch band change
  • External port for optional Data Management Unit & Monitor Analogue S meter
  • Built-in electronic keyer
  • 8-pin round mic connector (front)
  • Separate Packet & RTTY connections
  •  Data port for interconnection to PC
  • 2x antenna sockets (SO-239) + 2x Rx sockets (SO-239/BNC)
  • 2.5W audio (4 - 8 Ohms)
  • Size FT-2000D 410 x 135 x 350mm
  • Weight FT-2000D 15.5kg
  • Size FP-2000 100 x 135 x 350mm
  • Weight FP-2000 3.6kg
    (Specifications are subject to change, without notice)
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