Tecsun PL-330

NEW – Portable Radio with SSB & DSP technology

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Tecsun PL-330 Portable World band radio with DSP and SSB reception

Covers FM Stereo LW/MW/SW SSB DSP

- Easy operation
- Receives FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB)
- Uses modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve listening sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interference ability
- FM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast reception
- Short wave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independently
- Apply synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent channel interference
- Seven ways to select channels: convenient tuning (ETM), automatic search and browse radio frequency, automatic search and browse stored stations, manual search for station frequencies (VF), manual search for stored stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of Store station address number
- Easy Tuning (ETM) has a radio frequency schedule function, making tuning more convenient and faster
- Stores up to 650 frequencies manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatic (ATS), of which 100 for FM/long wave, 150 for medium wave, and 300 for short wave
- Multi-function display: It can display the working status of radio frequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, battery capacity, etc.
- Adopt high-quality and high-sensitivity speakers, beautiful sound, use headphones to listen to FM stereo broadcasting
- With broadcast timing automatic power-on function
- Very user-friendly power switch function: you can set the automatic shutdown after 1-120 minutes after booting, or cancel the automatic shutdown function
- With shortwave/FM external antenna jack
- Lithium battery power supply, USB power supply or charging can also be used
- Physical size: 139 x 85 x 26 mm (wxhxd)

Frequency Range & Tuning Step:
- LW: 153-513kHz (9kHz step, fine-tune step 1kHz)
- MW:
* 520-1710kHz [10kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step (for America)]
* 522-1620kHz [9kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step (for Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania)]
- SW1: 1711-29999kHz (5kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step)
Attention: When the above band is received in SSB mode, step 1kHz, fine-tune step 10Hz
- FM:
* 64-108MHz: Applicable to Russia, Caucasus and part of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea regions
* 76-108MHz: applicable to Japan
* 87-108MHz: applicable to China and some European countries
* 88-108MHz: Applicable to some countries such as Europe and Australia
Attention: The frequency step of FM is 100kHz, and the fine-tune step is 10kHz
Noise limit sensitivity:
- Long wave (S/N=26dB): <10mV/m
- Medium wave (S/N=26dB): <1mV/m
- Shortwave (S/N=26dB): <20μV
- Frequency modulation (S/N=30dB): <3μV
- Long wave: >60dB
- Medium wave: >60dB
- Shortwave: >60dB
- Frequency modulation: >60dB
Synchronous detection frequency lock range: ±1kHz
Intermediate frequency (DSP): amplitude modulation 45kHz; frequency modulation 128KHz
FM stereo separation: ≥35dB
Maximum output power: about 200mW
Quiescent current:
- Long wave/medium wave/frequency modulation: <25mA
- Shortwave: <45mA
Shutdown current: <90μA
Speaker: 8Ω, 0.25W
Stereo headphone impedance: 32-150Ω
Power supply:
- 3.7V (1 BL-5C lithium battery)
- External DC power supply Micro USB 5V current ≥500mA
Charger/power adapter: USB DC 5V current ≥500mA (purchase separately)
Stored frequency memories:
- Long wave: 100
- Medium Wave: 150
- Shortwave: 300
- FM: 100
Size: 139×85×26(mm)
Weight: about 210g (without lithium battery)

Currents stocks have latest firmware Version 3305

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