SSB-Electronic SP-400

70MHz (4m) Masthead Preamplifier

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New!  70 MHz 4m mast head pre-amplifier 20dB gain (max>) 750W bypass N Type

Use RF Vox up to 100W or sequential switching for up to 750W power handling

The pre-amplifiers of the Super-Amp series are available for the following amateur bands 6 m, 2 m, 4m, 70, 23 and 13 cm.

All models are equipped with super-low-noise, large-signal-resistant semiconductors which are safeguarded against HF by a an effective protective circuit. To suppress unwanted signals, high quality Helix filters are used. With good bandpass filtering strong out of band signals are dramatically reduced or removed.

The Super-Amp amplifiers can be operated with a remote or direct feed. When a power amplifier is used, they recommend their DCW-2004B Sequence Controller. This ensures a safe sequential receive/transmit switchover.

The Super-Amp amplifiers are equipped with an UV-resistant, weatherproof housing and N-sockets. Hot-dip galvanized clamps and installation material are part of the delivery. The max. mast diameter is 58 mm.

Specifications :

  • Freq. 70 - 71 MHz
  • Gain 10-20dB
  • Noise 0.7dB
  • 750W by-pass
  • Insertion loss 0.2dB
  •  RF-VOX 100W
  • Connectors N-type
  •  Supply 13.8 V DC @ 240mA
  •  115 x 30 x 90mm
  • Weight 220g
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