SSB DCW2004B Sequencer

Sequencer for 6m, 2m & 70cms

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The SSB DCW 2004 B, allows safe control ( with Bias-T incl. ) for the SSB range
of masthead pre-amplifiers via the coaxial cable as well as for delayed
switching of HF-linear amplifiers.

The sequential operation of the DCW 2004 B avoids reliably damage to the pre-amplifier
that may be caused by HF-spikes during switching. It offers 3 switching outputs in total,
which have ascending delay times. So not only linear amplifiers but other devices, like
transverters, can be switched on with defined times.

The DCW 2004 B is designed for the amplifiers MHP - R and SP series. The PTT switching
input of the DCW 2004 B accepts a circuit against ground or against + 5 ... 12 V.
The pre-amplifier and a linear amplifier (if used) can be switched on or off as required.

TX Power : 6 m / 1,0 kW CW/ 2,0 kW PEP2 m / 1,0 kW CW/ 2,0 kW PEP
70 cm / 0,6kW CW/ 1,2 kW PEP 23cm = 150 W 13cm = 100 W
Insertion loss 0,1 dB 0,2 dB
Connectors: N-Socket
Pre-amplifier voltage (remote feeding) 0,5 A max loadable PTT switching output
power amplifier: 30 V at 0,5 A max.
Relay switching outputs : 30 V at 0,5 A max.
-PTT Input switches at +PTT Input switches at >5 V
Operating voltage 12-14 V
Recommended voltage 13,8 V
Dimensions 40 x 120 x 654 mm
Weight 600 g

The HF-section of the DCW-2004 B offers a very low insertion loss and a high shielding

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