Spiderpole 7m-mini

Telescopic pole 7m Mini Fibreglass

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Telescopic pole 7m Mini Fibreglass

This small and lightweight pole is easy to carry and ready to be build up within a minute.
Although it is light and small to fit in any suitcase, it is developed rugged and durable!
For this ultra portable Mini pole we used a fixed screw cap with protective nubs at the bottom.
This guards the pole from rocks and prevents the mast from unwanted extraction while hiking.
Spiderbeam fibreglass poles are extremely strong, with a much greater wall thickness than the usual "fishing rod" types.
A special reinforcing winding technique - several layers of fiberglass are wound in alternating direction (criss/cross winding) - provides greatly increased lateral and linear strength. Stronger joints are achieved by a much larger overlap between the individual tube segments than usual.
Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are perfect for building all kinds of wire antennas.
The Spiderbeam Mini poles are perfect for Geocaching, SOTA, IOTA and every traveling HAM.
Even the top segment is rigid and got a usable inner diameter of 4mm to carry your wire-antenna or attach your mini tool & application.
So our pole can be used to its full 7m length - unlike other poles where the top segment is very thin as a whip.

Recommended accessories:
- for a comfortable transportation the matching Mini Bag.

the new Mini telescopic fiberglass pole

fully extracted length (height)

7m (23ft)*

transportation length
0.71m (2715/16)*


1026g (2lbs. 4 oz.)
bottom diameter (incl. the cap)
50mm (2")*
top diameter
6mm (0.24")*
wall thickness
0,7mm - 1,4mm*
(0.027" - 0.067")*
number of segments
pole material
black fiberglass, UV protected
specially reinforced multilayer winding
*Due to production variations, the dimensions shown may vary slightly. This does not alter the quality in any way

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