SPID RAU (2021 stock)

Azimuth rotator with controller

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SPID RAU    2021 stock!

Model: SPID RAU Azimuth Rotator with controller

Spids lighter duty AZ-rotor that gives up to 180 Nm Torque.

This rotator is a step up from the mainstream rotators with a worm gear drive that is both precise and has zero backlash. It can be incorporated with an Elevation rotator to provide full EL/AZ capability.

Take up to 50 mm diameter mast/stub pole
Supplied with digital controller
Future-proof firmware up-gradable via PROM
Mast or head unit mounting with adapter plate

Technical specification:

  • Angle of turn: 360 degrees + / -180 °
  • Time of full rotation : 60 sec.
  • Supply: 12 V-18 V DC
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Input signal: pulses (one pulse per degree)
  • Vertical pressure: 120 kg
  • Maximum net torque: 180 Nm

Rotor and Control Box works well with such programs as ham radio deluxe. Please note, we supply the USB version as standard, not the RS232 version. The USB version is normally at extra cost!

Supplied complete with multifunction digital controller that provides:

1 degree resolution readout
Manual, Automatic, Scanning and Programmable Modes
Large Soft Green LED display
USB Computer Interface with software supplied including Hygain, Orion and Yaesu emulation modes.
Can be zeroed at any position
+/- 180 degree over-travel limits with electronic programmable limit control
Designed for max 60 mm input/output mast/pole
Adapter plate available to mount rotator inside tower head unit.
Power requirements 12-16 V (best turning performance at 16 V)
Turning speed for 360 degrees : 12 V - 120 Sec, 18 V - 90 Sec

All SPID rotators require an external power supply.

Typically they are run from the station 13.8v supply. For the larger rotators with sizable antennas, upto 8 amp would be required. In many cases a separate PSU from the rig is recommended, and start surge should be factored in.


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