Sirio GainMaster

New Hi-Tech Antenna for use on 26-28Mhz.

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The Sirio Gainmaster is a new Hi-Tech antenna for use on 26-28Mhz. Finished in white fibreglass

New base antenna from Sirio that gives great performance over 26-28Mhz covering both CB radio and 10 metre Amateur bands, and is designed by electromagnetic simulation to achieve the maximum gain and optimize the radiation pattern and bandwidth.

Engineered with the most available technology, manufactured in Italy from high quality materials.

The new design of the radiant element (patent pending), works like a central fed dipole, so all of the RF currents on the radiator are in phase and ground plane radials are not necessory. The co-axial coil at the bottom works like an RF choke for the optimum decoupling from the mast and feedline.

The Gain Master is made of telescopic fibreglass tubes, it is DC grounded for the best protection from static discharges. Sirio think it is the new reference standard in its class of antennas.

  • Sirio Gain-Master
  • Base Antenna 26-28Mhz
  • Telescopic Fibreglass Tubes Construction
  • Type - 0.625 wave centre fed vertical dipole
  • Impedance - 50Ohms
  • Radiation - Omnidirectional
  • Polarization - Linear Vertical
  • Max Gain on Horizon - 1-2 dB higher than conventional 5/8th wave
  • Max Power - 500 watts CW continuous / 1000 watts short time
  • Lightning Protection - All metal parts are DC grounded, inner conductor shows DC-Short
  • Connector - UHF Female PTFE Insulator, and gold plated centre pin.
  • Composition - White Fibreglass tube radiator / Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Wind Resistance - up to 160km/h
  • Length (approx) - 7360mm with bracket / radiator 6850mm
  • Packing dimensions - 1950 x 110 x 120mm
  • Weight (approx) 3kg
  • Mounting Mast - 35-54mm


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