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The LA435 is a wideband compact amplifier for the UHF band; covering from 405 to 480 MHz.

Key Features

  • Output is nominal 60W at full power (70W max).
  • Input drive from 1W to maximum of 5W, ideally suited to low power handheld transceivers.
  • Automatic RF switching between RX and TX
  • The power cable for the amplifier should be kept as short as practicably possible and less than 3m in length. When used in a mobile installation it is recommended that the power cable is connected directly to the auto battery. A safety fuse may be added at this position
    for protection against short circuit. 12 to 15A is sufficient as the amplifier is internally fused. The RF cable from the transceiver to the amplifier and amplifier to the antenna must be kept as short as practicably possible and be 50 Ohms impedance and suitable for the frequency of operation. The antenna must also be suitable for the frequency of operation. The amplifier must be installed in a suitable location that provides adequate ventilation to maximise cooling. As the amplifier is compact it must be appreciated
    that adequate time is allowed for the amplifier to cool down between transmissions especially if used at maximum power. As ambient temperature, installation location and ventilation are all factors that change for each installation the user must take this into account. The amplifier may be left in circuit
    when switched off and the RTX may be used normally at low power. SSB/FM. This switch when set to SSB adds a small delay before switching back to RX after a transmission. When using SSB this helps prevent the amplifiers RX TX relay from constantly switching between RX and TX during pauses in speech as there is no RF carrier to hold the relay open. In FM/AM modes this is not necessary and the switch position can be set to FM.

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