Pro Audio KX-33

Portable PSU for KX2 and KX3

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This is a compact, low noise 115 / 230V  AC supply that is ready wired to connect directly to your KX2 or KX3 transceiver. It will deliver up to 4 Amps and easily power the KX3 up to its 15W power limit.

The Elecraft  KX3 HF Transceiver has raised the bar for portable HF performance, being able to fit a no-compromise station into a small shoulder bag is incredible!

One piece of kit necessary for portable operation which has been elusive until now is a quality light-weight AC power supply.

The PAE-Kx33 is the first compact, lightweight AC-line operated switching power supply specifically designed to perform at the level required by the Elecraft  KX3. When operating portable or traveling it is necessary to have a small, light power supply to either operate the rig or charge the batteries.

Since the KX3 receiver has world-class sensitivity, the supply must be RF quiet in order to power the rig while it is being used. Linear supplies can be very RF quiet, however dragging around a mains-powered 56 watt linear supply capable of a true 4A 14VDC output is a problem, they are too big and heavy for truly portable use.

Check out the size, weight and cost of just the 60Hz 56VA transformer some time! Like many KX3 owners we had been trying various small switching supplies not intended for communications use, and while they can be very small and light, they usually cause RF interference.

As a result we often just used the supply to charge the internal batteries and unplugged it to operate, and with the internal NiMH battery pack voltage this limits output power to 5 watts.

The PAE-Kx33 was designed specifically to address all of these specific concerns of the HF rig owner, and features:

Innovative switching topology to minimize RF interference and optimize efficiency.
Extensive input and output filtering ensure absolute minimum conducted and radiated RF.

  •     Less than a pound weight including AC cord to maximize portability.
  •     DC output is nominally 14V (see Specifications) at up to 4A.
  •     Supply will enable correct operation of the KXBC3 Battery Charger.
  •     Correct right-angle 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC power plug as specified by Elecraft.
  •     Works perfectly with the Elecraft  K1, K2-10*, K3-10, KX1, KX2, KX3, and ELAD FDM Duo.  With optional plug adapter it is perfect for the Flex-1500, Yaesu FT-817, Ten-Tec 506 Rebel,  and others.

Supplied with standard UK AC power lead

Lower noise and more output current capacity = better value than both competing and more expensive supplies.

In addition to 100% testing at the factory, every unit is tested for no and full load voltage and RF spectral output immediately before shipping to you.

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