Midland MA24-L

Microphone with Earphone and PTT/Vox

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Midland MA24-L

Midland/Alan Microphone with earphone and Press To Talk, plus Voice Operated control
Used on Motorbikes and Handheld Radios
This microphone is compatible with the following radios
Alan MidlandAlan Midland 42 CB HandheldAlbrecht AE 2980 CB HAndheldAlbrecht AE 2990 CB HandheldCobraCobra MT-500Cobra MT-700Cobra MT-900MidlandMidland G5 XT Midland G6Midland G7Midland G8Midland G9Midland M24Midland M48Midland M99IcomIcom IC-F3Icom IC-F3SIcom IC-F3GIcom IC-F3GSIcom IC-F3GTIcom IC-F4Icom IC-F4SIcom IC-F4GIcom IC-F11Icom IC-F12Icom IC-F15Icom IC-F15SIcom IC-F21Icom IC-F22Icom IC-F25Icom IC-F25SIcom IC-F25SRIcom IC-F3022SIcom IC-F3022TIcom IC-F31GS-LIcom IC-F31GT-LIcom IC-F34GSIcom IC-F34GTIcom IC-F44GS MT

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