2.5Kw HF antenna tuner 1.8-30MHz

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The MFJ-9982 Continuous CarrierTM antenna tuner handles 2500 Watts continuous carrier output on all modes and all HF bands into most unbalanced antennas even on 160 Meters where even the best antenna tuners fail!

The MFJ-9982 gives you every feature you'll ever want in a high power tuner wide matching range, 1.8 to 30 MHz coverage, 6-position antenna switch, 4-core balun, dummy load, true peak/average lighted SWR/Wattmeter, 6:1 reduction drives with detailed logging scales, 3-digit turns counter, extra large knobs.

New Components, New Technologies

The Heart and Soul of the MFJ-9982 is its roller inductor and variable capacitors.

MFJ's high power, high-Q continuous current AirCoreTM roller inductor is no ordinary roller inductor! It’s edge wound from thick .06-inch silver-plated solid copper strap.

It can carry huge circulating RF currents and withstand tremendous heat that'll melt or burn up ordinary roller inductors.

Self-insulating construction reduces stray capacitance keeps self-resonant frequencies high and out-of-the-way. Dual, silver-plated compression wheels give ultra low-resistance contacts. New fast-tune crank knob.

High-current, high-capacitance 1000 pF and 500 pF air variable capacitors have low minimum capacitance and are self-insulating.

These newly developed capacitors and MFJ's patent pending innovation gives you very high efficiency on 160/80 Meters and extremely wide matching range on 10/12/15 Meters at 2500 Watts a feat only the MFJ-9982 has achieved.

Hi-Voltage/Current Antenna Switch

The antenna switch is completely isolated to handle high-voltage high impedance antennas. High-current, low impedance antennas are handled by parallel sets of high-current contacts of two ceramic switches.

New 4-Core Balun

Powerful balun Four 21/2 inch cores, 12-gauge TeflonTM wire. Run balanced lines at full 2500 Watts SSB/CW continuous, 24/7.

New Balanced Line Feed-Through Insulator

Allows massive antenna currents to flow directly to the antenna capacitor without passing though lossy screws or bolts.

TrueActiveTM Peak Reading Circuit

New TrueActiveTM circuit reads true peak or average power on all modes. Cross-Needle meter reads SWR/forward/reflected power.

1500 Watt Dummy Load

1500 Watt air-cooled non-inductive 50 Ohm resistor. 100W/10 min., 1.5kW/10 sec.

  • New roomy cabinet maintains high Q.
  • Vent holes.
  • Heavy gauge, .08 inch aluminium braced chassis.
  • Vinyl cover, non-stripping PEM nuts, heavy 10-gauge or copper strap wiring throughout. 13¾Wx7Dx15¾D inches.
  • Weight 15 pounds.
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