LOOP TUNER, 5.3-30MHZ, 150W

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The MFJ-936C Deluxe High Efficiency Loop Tuner also has a detachable mount for a PVC Cross. Available separately, the MFJ-57B or MFJ-58B PVC Cross Loop Antenna Kits can be used to make a compact self-contained antenna system requiring no ground, radials, or counterpoises, Drape a wire around a bookcase and attach both ends to this MFJ-936C Deluxe Small High Efficiency Loop Tuner. It instantly turns into a small, high efficiency multi-band transmitting loop antenna!

You can operate 3.5 to 29.7 MHz with a full 150 Watts. No ground, radials or counterpoises needed. A 13-ft wire formed into a loop operates 30-20 Meters (4-ft for 17-10M; 7-ft for 20-15M; 28-ft for 40-60M).You can tune any shape loop -- circle, square, rectangle, any odd shape. A quarter wavelength wire shaped as a circle is the most efficient.A fixed wire length covers about 1.5 to 1 frequency range (i.e. 28-18 or 10-7 MHz, etc.). Exact frequency coverage depends on wire length, loop shape and environment.

The excellent performance of a high efficiency small loop antenna is well known and well proven by users all over the world. You'll radiate a low angle DX signal that literally rivals full size dipoles -- work incredible DX! It is also a very quiet receiving antenna. It responds to magnetic fields and not electric fields so you'll hardly notice static crashes during a storm. Its high-Q rejects out-of-band interference, reduces overloading, harmonics.

It's perfect for apartments, hotel/motel rooms, antenna restricted, and portable locations -- it really gets out, You can take it with you and have it up and operating in minutes from nearly anywhere - on trips, vacations, DX-peditons, camping, even from a motor home. All you need is a transmitter/transceiver and a wire loop to be operating in no time. An Easy-Carry handle permits easy handling to and from portable locations. The unit measures 10 ¼" W x 9 ½" D x 5 ¼" H.

Features include a built-in SWR/Wattmeter with push-button power range switch that allows full-scale readings of 30 or 300 Watts forward power and 6 or 60 Watts reflected power. Cross-needle gives SWR so you can tune for minimum SWR every time.

Also, included is a relative RF Antenna Current Meter with 0 to 100 scale with adjustable sensitivity to make tuning for maximum radiated power fast and easy.

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