17-Meter 4-element Collinear Array Ant.

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When Radio was King . . .
MFJ reached back into time when radio was king and brought back to life some of the most popular, classic antennas that gave the most powerful signals.

These classic high-performance antennas give you a powerful, booming signal and needs just two trees to hang and play!
We have updated them with stronger, more durable modern materials, adapted some to simple, direct coax feed and made them hang and play.

Four Element Arrays

The MFJ-64XX four half-wave element collinear array gives you a whopping 4.5 dB gain -- about 300% power gain. You get four times the receiving capture area of a half-wave dipole -- you’ll hear DX you’ve never heard before! They require a balanced line tuner or a tuner with balun.

Hang and PlayTM!

You can virtually hang and playTM when you receive them. No cutting, soldering, tuning, or trimming is required. Just follow the easy installation instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time!
They are completely assembled and include super strong custom fiberglass center insulators, authentic glazed ceramic end insulators, heavy duty 7-strand, 14 gauge hard copper element wire and extremely strong, solderless, crimped construction.

DX the World!

With the larger capture area and power gain, you’ll hear and work more DX than ever before!

Worldwide Coverage

A pair of these antennas at right angles can provide worldwide coverage. These arrays radiate bi-directional perpendicular to the wire and handle full 1500 Watts.
Several single band antennas can provide excellent frequency coverage and gain without towers and rotary beams.

These Antennas are Quiet!

Their directional properties and polarization reduce noise up to two to three S-units below verticals and inverted vees.

Simple Installation

These antennas work well even at a 1/4 wavelength above ground, but perform best at 1/2 to 3/4 wavelength above ground. They should be mounted horizontally and pulled tight. Lengths are 55 to 136 feet horizontally.
The feedline and stub simply hangs from the antenna and can be bent at the bottom or pulled away at an angle to make installation convenient. Some twisting of the feedline or stub is okay.

MFJ-6215 15 46 10 2
MFJ-6217 17 54 12 2
MFJ-6220 20 70 16 2
MFJ-6230 30 96 22 2
MFJ-6240 40 136 30 2
MFJ-6415 15 92 10 4
MFJ-6417 17 108 12 4
MFJ-6420 20 140 16 4
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