Morse Code Reader – Pocket Size

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Is your CW rusty  Relax and place this tiny pocket size portable Morse Code / CW Reader near your receivers speaker.

Then watch Morse code signals turn into solid text messages as they scroll across an easy-to-read LCD display.

No cables to hook-up, no computer, no interface, no other equipment needed!

Use it as a backup in case you miss copy a few characters.

It makes working high speed CW a breeze -- even if you are rusty.

Practice by copying alone with the MFJ-461.

It will help you learn the code and increase your speed as you instantly see if you are right or wrong.

Eavesdrop on interesting Morse code QSOs from hams all over the world.

Its a universal language that is understood the world over in all languages.

  • Automatic Speed Tracking
    MFJ AutoTrak automatically locks on and tracks CW speed to decode high and low speed Morse code.
  • MFJ Instant Replay
    The most recent 140 characters can be instantly replayed. This lets you re-read or check your copy if you are copying along side the MFJ-461.
  • High Performance Modem
    Consistently get solid copy from MFJs high performance PLL (phase lock loop) modem technology. Digs out weak signals and even tracks slightly drifting signals. Of course, nothing can clean up and copy a sloppy fist, especially with a weak signals with lots of QRM/QRN.
  • High Contrast LCD Display
    2-line LCD display has 32 large 1/4 inch high-contrast characters. You can display decoded CW as text and speed or switch to all text on both lines.
  • True Pocket Size
    Fits in your shirt pocket with room to spare -- its smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Weighs less than 5.5 ounces.
  • More Features
    A serial port lets you display CW text on a monitor using a computer and terminal program. When its too noisy for its microphone pickup, or when you do not want to hear CW you can connect the MFJ-461 to your receiver with a cable. Battery saving feature puts it to sleep during periods of inactivity. Uses 9-Volt battery (not included).

Easy to use -- No Instruction Manual needed!
Just turn it on -- it starts copying instantly!

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