30A in line DC RFI filter

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This is a versatile in line DC Filter that can be used with all types of sensitive equipment that needs DC line protection.

DC lines are subject to a variety of transients and surges that can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment such as transceivers, audio equipment, etc.

The MFJ-1142 empowers you to protect your valuable equipment.

The MFJ-1142 DC Line RFI Filter uses capacitive decoupling and inductive isolation to eliminate RFI signals. It reduces RFI, hash, noise transients, noise generated by motors, alternators or fuel pump whine.

The Transceiver Surge Protector is designed to operate at 12 or 24 Volts DC and can handle up to 30 Amps total. The MFJ-1142 is equipped with heavy-duty 5-way binding posts and Anderson PowerPoles for input and output.
Mounting tabs support permanent installation on a wide variety of surfaces.

Constructed from a sturdy aluminum chassis, the unit is only 2 ¾" H x 3" W by 4 ¾ "D

The MFJ-1142 DC Line RFI Filter includes an additional ground.


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