Kenwood TS-890SE

Due to negotiation with Kenwood the price of this radio has been dramatically reduced – never been a better time to buy!

The second picture shows our boss, Mike G3SED, playing with the radio at the recent Friedrichshafen Ham show.

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The Kenwood TS-890s receiver performance is on a whole new level from narrow bandwidth roofing filters that only full down conversion can provide. Kenwood say this radio delivers top-class receive performance with the following specifications.

  • 110dB* 3rd intermodulation dynamic range (3rd IMDR) measured under punishing 2kHz spacing conditions.
  • 114dB* reciprocal mixing dynamic range (RMDR).
  • 150dB* Blocking dynamic range (BDR)

(*: 2 kHz spacing measurement standard - Receiver frequency 14.2 MHz,MODE CW, BW 500 Hz, PRE AMP OFF)

Main Features:

  • 100W HF plus 6 and 4 metre bands
  • Full Down Conversion
  • TX: 10-160 m + WARC and 60m / 6m
  • 7 inch Color TFT Touch Display, auto-scroll Band-Scope, Multi-purpose display
  • High-speed scanning with independent band scope receiver

The TS-890S uses 8.248MHz 1st IF frequency down conversion for its receive signal system in order to continue the adjacent interference signal exclusion legacy refined in theTS-990S. This means you can use narrow bandwidth crystal filters with passband widths of 500Hz or 270Hz (optional YG-82CN-1) as roofing filters to achieve strong exclusion ofunnecessary adjacent signals. The 1st mixer is the H-mode mixer also carried by the TS-990S. Conversion characteristics have been improved with fine-tuning of input/output matching as well the device used.


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