Innov XR-6

20-6m 11ele HF Log periodic beam

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Z08564-0003     XR6  Wideband Log Periodic Beam 
InnovAntennas CP6 - An 11 element multi-Band HF & 6m Super-compact Yagi covering  20m/17m/15m/12m/10m/6m bands with a single feed point.

The CP6 was inspired by the XR5 Force12 tribander. However, the CP6 has been given the 6m band in addition to the traditional 5 HF bands of 20/17/15/12/10.

Furthermore it is much smaller than the XR5, comes with a capacity loaded20m element version CP6C which reduces the longest element from 11.6m to 8.9m) and reduced turning radius too!

The CP6 is set to become a market-leader very quickly, why not be ahead of the pack with this one and get your order in early!

  • XR6 / CP6 Performance 20m Band  Gain: 6.05dBi F/B: 10.71dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.4:1 from 14-14.35Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning
  • 2 active elements
  • 17m Band Gain: 6.33dBi F/B: 13.23dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 2:1 from 18.06-18.180Mhz without an ATU
  • 2 active elements
  • 15m Band Gain: 6.33dBi F/B: 13.23dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 2:1 from 21-21.35Mhz without an ATU
  • 2 active elements
  • 12m Band Gain: 5.52dBi F/B: 10dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.3:1 from 24.88-25Mhz without an ATU
  • 1+ active elements
  • 10m Band Gain: 6.78dBi F/B: 22.27dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.5:1 from 28-28.55Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning 1.9:1 SWR up to 28.7Mhz
  • 2+ active elements
  • 6m Band Gain: 7.55dBi F/B: 25.27dB
  • SWR coverage: Better than 1.2:1 from 50-50.3Mhz without an ATU or re-tuning
  • 2+ active elements
  • Power Rating: 5kw
  • Boom Length: 3.6 Metres
  • Weight: 28.7Kg
  • Turning Radius: 5.99 Metres
  • Wind Loading: 1.21 Square Metres
  • Wind Survival: up to 200KPH<

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