Gold Elite dual element hand microphone

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GM Elite

The Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high-performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of communications.

The WIDE position has the Heil Elite full range element producing smooth articulate 60Hz – 16 kHz audio with the traditional Heil +4 dB peak centered at 2 kHz. This gives the new Gold Elite excellent voice articulation along with its ‘big bottom’ low end that is so important for producing a well balanced, studio quality SSB signal.

The NARROW position features the HC-5.1 dynamic element producing a smooth response of 200Hz – 8 kHz. The HC-5.1 element is designed to respond to those older rigs as well as today’s transceivers with onboard DSP EQ. The HC-5.1 produces full range broadcast audio as well as the tailored DX/Contest audio by simply adjusting your EQ. New mic technology to meet today’s new DSP technology.

The ‘soft touch’ PTT switch is wired to pins 3 and 4 for transmit control. The microphone audio is fed to pins 1 (shield) and 2 of the four pin XLR.

the Gold Elite useS the Heil CC-1 Connecting Cables AND comeS with a foam windscreen and a 5/8”-27 microphone clip that is designed for our booms and desk stands.

Required Adaptor Cable:


  • 8-Pin Round - CC-1-Y8 or CH-1-Y8
  • 8-Pin Modular - CC-1-YM or CC-1-YM


  • 4-Pin Round - CC-1-K4
  • 8-Pin Round - CC-1-K8 or CH-1-K8
  • Modular - CC-1-KM or CH-1-KM


  • 8-Pin Round - CC-1-I8
  • Modular - CC-1-IM


  • K2/3 - CC-1-K8

Required Support Assemblies:

(To suspend the Microphone, you require a Shock Mount & a Support Arm - the Mounts replace the C Clamp)

  • SM-1 Shock Mount
  • PL2T Support Arm (shipped with C Clamp)
  • HB-1 Support Arm (shipped with C Clamp)
  • DT-1 Flush Mount that mounts through a 1.5” hole in the desk top
  • FL-2 Flange Mount secures to any flat surface
  • WM-1 Wall Mount
  • RS-1 12” Riser Mount


  • HS-2 Hand Switch
  • FS-2 Deluxe Foot Switch
  • FS-3 Budget Foot Switch

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