Cushcraft LFA-440M10EL

Loop Fed Array, 400 Mhz,10EL

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This is a ten-element LFA (Loop Fed Array) that provides excellent gain and impressive suppression of side and rear lobes in both the E- and H-plane. This beam operates in the 430-440 MHz range, for SSB/CW/Data modes. It's an excellent building block for a phased array for Moonbounce and other weak-signal work. This beam requires a balun or common-mode choke at the feedpoint. The feedpoint is split, with no connector.

The LFA (Loop Fed Array) Low-Noise Yagi is very different from the traditional dipole fed Yagi in many ways with its primary benefit being unwanted noise rejection. The LFA has a rectangular shaped, full wave loop driven element that is laid flat on the boom between and in-line with the parasitic elements . Then there is the way in which the loop functions.

The smaller end sections which run parallel to the boom, are engineered to be 180 degrees out-of-phase with each other. This provides the same effect as is seen within ladder-line feeder; each side cancels the other out and therefore, minimum radiation occurs. In practice this translates to highly suppressed side lobes and side-on signal rejection.

This feature also plays a role in reducing F/B (Front to Back ratio), F/R (Front to Rear ratio) and broad-banding of the antenna too. It is these attributes which help give the LFA class-leading all-round performance at almost any boom length and for any given band.

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