Cushcraft ASQ-6

6-Meter Squalo Antenna, 200 Watts

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Cushcraft’s SQUALO is a full halfwave, horizontally polarized omni-directional antenna.

Outstanding all around performance is achieved through a 360 degree pattern with no deep nulls. The square shape allows full electrical length in compact dimensions.  Direct 52 Ohm Reddi-Match feed provides ease of tuning and broad band coverage.

Squalo is well suited for horizontally polarized mobile or fixed operation on SSB, CW, and legacy AM. The omni-directional pattern is great for DX beacons and spotting, and elements may be stacked for added gain.

  • Minimum SWR.
  • Handles 200 Watts PEP CW/SSB.
  • Size 30" x 30" inches
  • Band: 6-Meter

Squalo is completely universal for mounting anywhere.

A horizontalmast support is included for mast or tower mounting. Cushcraft Squalos are ideal for netcontrol, monitoring or as a general coverage antenna.

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