Create RC5A-3

Heavy Duty Rotator with variable/Preset

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CREATE RC5A-3 Heavy Duty Rotator with controller ( with presets)This is a heavy duty rotator for larger antennas which uses worm gears for higher torque

  • Total Azimuth rotation 370°
  • Controller Voltage 110/230VAC 150VA,
  • Maximum vertical load 700 kg
  • Horizontal load 1000 kg,
  • Rotating torque 16 kg/metre
  • Brake torque 200 kg/metre
  • Motor, variable speed 75-110 sec
  • Reversing delay 3 sec
  • Mast diameter 48-63 mm,
  • Preset control
  • Weight 7kg rotator and 2kg controler

Requires 7 core cable (0.75 mm(2) up to 50m length and 1.25mm(2) up to 80m length)
SELECTION OF ROTATORThe most important criteria in the selection of a rotator are retarding torque and rotating torque. Because different antenna havedifferent weights and slenderness ratios, the rotator's characteristics vary to a large extent. Even among antennas of the same weight, large braking torque is required for an antenna of long boom length. The specifications we show were calculated based on a wind velocity of about 30m/s.These performances are applicable to one antenna only, so a sufficient margin should be considered for the rotators to be used formore than two antennas. If the rotator is in use at reduced speed, the tolerance for braking torque increases by 20 to 30%..

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