Analogue/Digital Receiver + TETRA Upgrade

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Now with latest Firmware giving TETRA reception!

Next generation multi digital mode demodulation receiver, the AOR AR-DV1

This incredible digital voice receiver features wide-band reception (100kHz - 1300MHz), multi-mode digital demodulation, memory scan, all mode analogue reception and much more!

The rear panel features a single BNC antenna jack, speaker jack, aux jack and 12 VDC input jack.

Not only does the AR-DV1 provide you with all these incredible features, but it is also compact and lightweight.

Just click on our downloads tab for product information PDF.Main features:

  • 100kHz - 1300MHz wide band reception.
  • Multi-mode digital demodulation.
  • All mode analogue reception.
  • Memory Scan.
  • NR, notch, digi-data display.
  • Built in SD card reader (audio recording, timer recording, CSV memory data upload/download, firmware updates) + 4gb SD card included
  • Clock, calendar (sleep timer, alarm, timer recording, reception logging on SD)
  • Compact in size and lightweight - 178W x 50H x 215D mm
  • Power supply included
  • Latest Firmware installed on this new batch

Receives these Digital Modes :-

  • DMR
  • dPMRTM
  • APCO P25
  • Icom D-StarTM
  • Digital CR
  • Yaesu
  • Kenwood®
  • Alinco EJ-47U

PLUS conventional analogue signals including: AM, wide and narrow FM, upper and lowersideband and CW modes.


NXDN Descramble function

(For 15 bit digital scrambling mode NXDN signals. Does not support encrypted mode NXDN signals)

  • Select the NXDN mode (=D-CR) or AUTO mode.
  • Once the desired signal is received:
    • Click once on the main dial
    • Long press on MODE button

The blinking question marks means that AR-DV1 is searching for the descrambling code. It just takes 1 or 2 seconds if reception conditions are good. Once found, it will the scramble code such as 000015 for example and you will hear the decoded voice.

Please note that although the display shows "ENC.CODE", it actually means "descramble" code. No relation to encryption.

Discriminator direct recording on SD

Whereas AR-DV1 features a discriminator output (AUX socket), with a little trick the discriminator signal can also be recorded directly to its SD card! Here is how:

  • On your PC, open a text file and type the word "DISC" (in capitals, just the letters DISC).
  • Save this file as DISC.txt
  • Copy this file to the SD card.
  • Put the SD card into AR-DV1.

Whenever the receivers sees this file, it will record the received audio in "discriminator" format. (In FM mode, only 6kHz, 15kHz and 30kHz bandwidth supported)

In case you don't know, discriminator audio is an unfiltered signal, also called baseband audio. It is required by some PC applications decoding data signals such as  CTCSS, SCA, FSK, RTTY, FAX, Pager data, and trunked system control data, etc. For details we invite you to ask Google.

We are pleased to announce the release today of "AR DATA EDITOR" a free and convenient browser based memory data editor for the AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 receivers!


  • Load, edit and save your receiver's memory channel data.
  • Create new frequency databases
  • File format conversion between AR-DV1 and AR-DV10! In other words, a frequency database of one receiver can be opened and saved into a format the other receiver can understand.
  • Link to App:


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