Ameritron AL-80B XCE

1kW Valve HF Amplifier

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?Ameritron AL-80B XCELast one - reduced to clear - New boxed but cardboard packing carton looks tired!Fully warrantied
The AL-80B kilowatt output desktop linear can double your average SSB power output with high-level RF processing using Ameritron's exclusive Dynamic ALC. You get cooler operation because the AL-80B's exclusive Instantaneous RF Bias completely turns off the 3-500ZG tube between words. It saves hundreds of watts wasted as heat.You get up to a full kilowatt PEP output from a whisper quiet desktop linear. Its a compact 8.5" x 15.5" x 14.5" and plugs into your nearest mains outlet. Covers all bands 160-10 meters, including WARC. You get up to 1000 watts output on SSB, 800 watts output on CW, 500 watts output on RTTY, an extra heavy duty power supply, genuine 3-500 tube, nearly 70% efficiency, tuned input, Pi/Pi-L output, inrush current protection, multi-voltage transformer, dual Cross-Needle meters, QSK compatibility, 
Dynamic ALC doubles average SSB powerThe AL-80B's exclusive Dynamic ALC gives you high-level low-distortion RF processing. When activated, it can more than double your average SSB power and produce up to 6 dB improvement in intelligibility. It maximizes your talk power without distortion and splatter. A convenient front panel control lets you adjust your output power level.
Instantaneous RF Bias eliminates heat
The AL-80B's exclusive Instantaneous RF Bias completely turns off the 3-500 tube (except filaments) between words and dots and dashes. it eliminates hundreds of watts wasted as heat to give you cooler operation and longer component life.
Guts Heavy-Duty Power Supply
The guts of the AL-80B is its heavy duty power supply. A 26 pound transformer using a high silicone steel core, computer grade capacitors, heavy duty bleeders and ten 3 amp, 1000 V power rectifiers give you a stiff 2700 volts fully loaded. Many amplifiers using two 3-500s use such small power supplies they don't deliver much more power output than the AL-80B.
Genuine 3-500ZG Tube
The AL-80B uses a genuine 3-500ZG tube warranted by the manufacturer not cheaper, less reliable 3-500s used by some competitors.
70% efficiency
The AL-80B is built on a rugged steel chassis. It has a separate RF compartment that's fully shielded to keep RF from leaking out. This keeps RFI and TVI to a minimum. Superb RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank circuit and commercially rated RF power components give you nearly 70% plate efficiency over most of the amateur bands. You power goes into your antenna instead of heating up your amplifier. A whisper quiet internal fan draws in cool air over power supply components and pressurises the 3-500 tube compartment to remove heat for longest life.
Tuned Input lets your rig deliver full output
A 50 ohm broadband Pi-Network tuned input is used. Even the fussiest solid state transmitter will deliver full power to your AL-80B. Low loss slug tuned coils tunable from the rear panel let you optimise performance.
Pi/Pi-L Output Network
A carefully designed Pi/Pi-L output network using the optimum Q for each band gives you exceptionally smooth tuning, extremely wide matching range, full band coverage and peak performance at all power levels. Ball bearing venier reduction drives with logging scales on both the plate and load controls make tuning precise and easy. It also lets you rapidly retune to your favorite frequency.
Step-Start Inrush Protection
When you first turn on your amplifier, a massive inrush current flows. Your house lights flicker as you hear a load "thump" from your amplifier. This terrible inrush current stresses all your power supply components to their limits. Your cold tube filament suffers abusive thermal shock. Eventually, this massive inrush current will damage your amplifier. The AL-80B special Step-Start Inrush Protection stop damaging inrush current. By starting your AL-80B through a 10 ohm current limiting resistor, then shorting the resistor with a relay, the AL-80B gives you a start up sequence that's easy on your tube and power supply components.
Multi-Voltage Power Transformer
Excessive line voltage stresses components and causes them to wear out. Low line voltage causes a "soft-tube" effect low output and signal distortion. Ameritron's exclusive Multi-Voltage Power Transformer lets you optimize for different line voltage. Select from 14 different primary voltages from 90 - 140 VAC and 205 to 250 VAC. The high voltage secondary can be wired to reduce plate voltage for efficient operation below 400 watts for use outside the USA.
Dual Illuminated Cross-Needle Meters
Ameritron's dual illuminated cross-needle meters give you four separate meters to monitor your operating conditions you can tell right away if something is wrong. Grid current, plate current and forward PEP output power are continuously monitored to tell you of improper loading and abnormal conditions. The fourth meter can be switched to monitor you 3-500 tube DC plate voltage, reflected PEP power and the SWR of your antenna, ALC voltage to your rig and the grid current that starts ALC action you get a clear operating picture of your AL-80B.
QSK Included
For lightning fast QSK operation this amplifier includes the Ameritron electronic PIN diode QSK switch Internal Switch (QSK-5PC).
Plus More..
An Operate/Standby switch lets you run barefoot, but you can instantly switch to full power if you need it. Has transmit LED; 12 VDC, 200 mA accessory jack; 12 VDC keying relay for solid state and tube rigs; tough, nearly indestructible Lexan front panel. Shipped with transformer installed and wired for 220 VAC. 

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