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A division of DAS Inc, the K40 CB line of products is still going strong.

The K40 Antenna has set standards for CB Radio Mobile Performance for 25+ years. It's main features are its performance and ruggedness. Unlike a lot of CB radio antennas, it doesn't just work. The K40 performs!... and is still much in demand today.

Originally formed as American Antennas in 1977 to manufacture antenna coils 30 times more accurate than other brands, the company quickly established a reputation for product excellence that has remained for over 3 decades. In its first year of introduction, the K40 CB antenna became the number one selling antenna and captured 35% of the
U.S. market in CB antenna sales.

The antenna name is derived from the "K" peak, the highest point of the Himalayan Mountains; and 40, which is the number of legal (US) CB channels. Thus, K40 was the name chosen to represent the highest performance antenna available.?
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    K40 Black

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