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Midland MA21-L

Mic/Earphone for Kenwood & Midland Radios





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Microphone with Acoustic Tube Earphone and PTT & Vox.

Adjustable on-cable microphone
Push to Talk (PTT) button
Mono earphone
For use with:-
Most Kenwood Handheld radios

Midland Handhelds CT200, CT210, CT400, CT410, CT790

plus the following models

Alan/Midland 42 CB Handheld
Albrecht AE 2980 CB Handheld
Albrecht AE 2990 CB Handheld

Cobra MT-500
Cobra MT-700
Cobra MT-900

Midland G5 XT 
Midland G6
Midland G7
Midland G8
Midland G9
Midland M24
Midland M48
Midland M99

Icom IC-F3
Icom IC-F3S
Icom IC-F3G
Icom IC-F3GS
Icom IC-F3GT
Icom IC-F4
Icom IC-F4S
Icom IC-F4G
Icom IC-F11
Icom IC-F12
Icom IC-F15
Icom IC-F15S
Icom IC-F21
Icom IC-F22
Icom IC-F25
Icom IC-F25S
Icom IC-F25SR
Icom IC-F3022S
Icom IC-F3022T
Icom IC-F31GS-L
Icom IC-F31GT-L
Icom IC-F34GS
Icom IC-F34GT
Icom IC-F44GS MT
Icom IC-F44GT MT
Icom IC-F4029SDR

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