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Midland Subzero Sun  - cool cotton lined lightweight summer stereo headphones (with included microphones)   in ORANGE finish

"Cooling" headphones suitable for listening to music when on holiday, walking , hiking etc

The Midland SubZero Sun is an ideal headset for keeping in touch via your mobile phone/iPhone or listening to MP3's on the go.

They are suitable for everyday use, extreme sports, running cycling and more.

A comfortable headphone system with adjustable band placed around the back of the head, clear reception of sound such as music and phone calls. The Sub-Zero headphone system has an adjustable wraparound neck band for added comfort

Can also be used to answer your phone - multi-function button with built in microphone/lead  - suitable for the connection to iPod, MP3 and to answer calls with iPhone, BlackBerry
Includes a special cable for headsets with answer/control and play/pause keys.

With the supplied clip on microphone, they can also be used with communications equipment such as two way radios, Marine handhelds and Amateur radio transceivers as they have a built in push to talk button.

The Midland SubZero clip on microphone is for use with all Midland Two Way Radios that have a two pin connection, apart from the Midland G11 Two Way Radio.

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