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Midland BT-SKi is the smallest, most practicable stereo device designed for those practicing sports and recreational activities in the mountains !

Allows you to speak in intercom mode with another BT SKi and answer the mobile telephone using voice activation, without any distractions or having to stop.

Midland BT SKi is easy to use and compatible with all latest generation mobile telephones with built-in Bluetooth.

It is compatible with iPod/MP3 players and with PMR446 transceivers for group communications.

Midland BT SKi is a Bluetooth device. It can be worn by means of a practical earwarmer type earpiece (Standard Version) or applied to a ski helmet (Universal Helmet Version)

Midland communications products are manufactured using quality materials designed to meet the demands of users requiring practical, reliable equipment.

  • Can be paired with mobile phone, GPS and iPod/Mp3 Stereo.
  • Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone with built in MP3 player can remote control the features FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP.
  • Associated with another BT Ski device becomes Intercom skier to skier up to 200 mt.
  • Can be worn without a helmet, without earpad or thanks to the practical velcro band the Ski can be fixed to a semirigid helmet with earpad.
  • Midland BT SKI is provided with a Plug that allows the wired connection to iPod/MP3 player stereo and PMR446 transceivers
  • Midland BT SKI  is provided with AGC function that automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise.

Packing Information and codes  :

  • Standard Version with Earwarmers
  • 1 x Black SKi device
  • 1 x Earwarmer audio kit with 2 x stereo speakers and rigid armband microphone
  • 1 x Velcro band for helmet fastening
  • 1 x Stereo audio lead to connect iPod/MP3 Player
  • 1 x Wall mounted power supply with mini USB lead
  • BT SKi code - C928.04

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