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80 Channel CB Radio






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Intek M790 Plus 80 Channel CB Radio

The M-790 Plus is another fine CB Radio from Intek. It's also programmable, which allows to set different frequency bands, specifications and operating modes. This radio is Multi-Region capable; it will work in many European countries. It will look the part as a Truck accessory, a Tractor Radio, or used on your 4x4 Off Road outings. This unit can also be used as Boating Equipment, and to keep in touch with the family at Home, or during Caravan and Hiking Vacations...

A new 80 Channel CB Radio, featuring a unique speech processor, designed to dramatically improve your audio. Also includes quick up and down keys, Auto Scan, and comes complete with a high quality dynamic microphone. Has 10 Band programmable feature for European use.

The Intek M790Plus also makes a great starter for a base station too ! Just add some of our listed accessories to make yourself a nice custom base CB setup, whoosh, we gone !!!

  • Intek M790 Plus 80 Channel CB radio
  • ESP Speech Processor
  • Channel Scan
  • Digital Readout
  • Priority Channel Key 9
  • Dual Watch
  • Volume and Squelch Control
  • Last Channel Recall
  • Up/Down Microphone

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