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Midland Enerjump TRUCK - Discontinued

jump starter for trucks/vans etc



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Enerjump Truck

ENERJUMP TRUCK is the most powerful jump starter of the Enerjump family. It has been designed to jump start heavy vehicles and is able to restart both 12V and 24V batteries with a displacement up to 11.000CC.

It is the ideal tool for roadside emergencies and thanks to its performances, it is particularly indicated for being used on trucks, vans, off-road vehicles, campers, agricultural vehicles, cars, boats, etc. ENERJUMP TRUCK is easy to use, place and carry.

Using ENERJUMP TRUCK is very easy: if the battery of your vehicle is dead, connect the clamps in parallel (without disconnecting the vehicle's cables from the battery) and start your vehicle!

Thanks to its particular design and compact size ENERJUMP TRUCK can be easily stowed in tight spaces or between the seats of your vehicle, while the built-in handle allows to easily take it with you.

Technical Specification :-
  • Jump starter with cables and clamps, Wall charger, Cigarette lighter power cable
  • Output: 12V Jump Start/24V Jump Start
  • Start Current: 500A (12V)/250A (24V)
  • Peak Current: 1000A (12V)/500A (24V)
  • Capacity: 24000mAh
  • Dimensions - 21 x 23.7 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight - 1600g

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