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Maha MH-C1090F

10 Bank smart fast charger for PP3 size batteries





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World's first 10 bank 9V rapid charger, the MH-C1090F will recharge one to ten 9V batteries in only 2 hours. Built to professional standards, it is fully compatible with all NiMh rechargeable 9V batteries. Works well with the new PowerEx 9.6v 9V batteries (note: shown batteries are not included )

  • 10  x Individual charging channels capable of charging up to ten 9V rechargeable batteries at a time providing users with plenty of fully charged batteries.
  • Will charge 9.6V rechargeable batteries in 2 hours or less.
  • Allows each battery to be charged to its full potential without risk of overcharging.
  • Microprocessor automatically switches to trickle charge after batteries are finished charging so that they maintain their charge.
    Compatible with 7.2V, 8.4V, and 9.6V Rechargeable 9V Batteries.
  • Individual LED for each charging channels indicates when batteries are ready to go. No guessing about batteries. Green means ready and Red means charging.
  • Capable of even reviving older 9V batteries which may no longer be accepting a charge.

Features :

Rapid Charge Current: 70-90mA
Trickle Charge Current: 10mA
Charging Cell Configuration: One to Ten 9V Batteries (7.2V, 8.4V or 9.6V)
Microprocessor: Negative Delta V, Ten Independent channels
Charge Time: 120-160 minutes
Power Supply Voltage: 15V 1000mA

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