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Diamond D-777

Civil and Military Air-band Base antenna



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The Diamond D-777 dual-band Civil/Military fixed station antenna covers both the VHF and UHF air band frequencies.

With its extra gain and being optimised for both bands, it will give you better results than wide band base antennas, whips or indoor antennas.

This model is made of fiber glass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproof.

Mast mounting brackets are included.


  • 120/300MHz
  • Gain: 3.4/5.5dBi
  • Type: 5/8, 2x5/8
  •  Length: 1.7m
  •  Radial length: 52cm
  •  Mast size: 30-62mm
  •  Socket: SO-239
  •  Wind velocity: 60m/sec
  • Weight: 1kg

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