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Spreader Kit for 1ele Quad






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SK 1

The Quad Spreader Kit has been designed for building portable 1el Quad loops mounted to our 12m Spiderbeam fiberglass pole. The Kit includes all needed parts, i.e. a metal center joint (with rubber padding) and two telescopic fiberglass tubes (4m long). The metal center joint has very small packaging dimensions, as it can be disassembled completely. The kit is well suited for building a 1el Quad for 20m and all bands above.

The metal center joint is mounted to our 12m fiberglass pole at a height of 8m, letting the remaining upper 4m of the 12m pole protrude above the center joint. The two 4m long telescopic tubes are inserted into the left and right leg of the metal center joint. These two 4m long tubes are absolutely identical to the upper 4m part of the Spiderbeam 12m fiberglass pole.

Thus a quadratic cross with an 8m long diagonal is formed, enabling you to string quad loops of up to 22m circumference. The loops can be fed at the lower corner (i.e. approx 4-5m above ground). The resulting effective height of the loop is 8m above ground, ensuring a good radiation pattern.

  • Set of 2 spreaders & center joint for 1 ele Quad
  • full length of each telescopic spreader - 4m (13ft)
  • transportation length - 1.18m (3ft 10")
  • pole material  - black fiberglass, UV protected
  • specially reinforced multilayer winding
  • center joint - aluminium & stainless steel
  • total weight of complete set - 1800g (4lbs)
  • suitable for - 1 ele quads on 20/17/15/12/10/6m

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