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Mastrant P-14M

high performance guying rope 14mm price per meter






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Rope Mastrant - P14mm, price per meter

Strength: 3100daN, Safe working load: 930daN, Elongation (working): 2.4 %, Weight: 12.5 kg (100m)

New type of guying rope optimized for anchoring with respect to maximize "performance/price" rate. This excellent rope offers very good strength, low elongation, high UV and humidity resistance.

It has low weight, great abrasion resistance, great durability and is electrically insulating.
Also,in contrast to ropes made from aramid fibres (Kevlar,Vectran,Technora,Twaron), it has knot strength about 60%.

Due to these properties, MASTRANT-P is exceptionally suitable for all kinds of guying.

  • Construction: Braided rope with twisted cores
  • Core: Polyester, parallel-arranged twisted cores
  • Cover: Polyester 12 or 16 (depending on the diameter)

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