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MFJ 1707

Automatic RF sensing antenna switch






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Automatically Switch your Rig between 2 Antennas

There are times when you want to use separate transmitting and receiving antennas but your transceiver has only one antenna port.

For example, an efficient 75M vertical for transmitting and a separate low noise Beverage for receiving. With an MFJ-1707, simply connect your transceiver, transmit and receive antennas. As soon as you key your rig, the MFJ-1707 RF sensing circuitry instantly switches your rig from receiving antenna to transmitting antenna.

 Your amplifier control output of your transceiver can also automatically switch antennas. Adjustable delay prevents transmit antenna from instantly switching to receive.

Auxiliary contact closure to ground during receive. All modes. 200W SSB PEP. 4W x 2 5/8H x 1 1/2D.

Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D

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